maandag 16 mei 2011

Challenge 15

Challenge 15 is at DigiScrapAddicts and is about the digital scrapbooking community family! Doesn't that sound familiair? That should not be to difficult. Can I upload my challenge 13 layout again? Well I have scrapped lot's of similar pages for this race, so I just updated my journaling for challenge 13 and added a different title. Pretty much the same as 13.

Here's my page

This was my last page. It has been a long race, not much of a challenge.
Lots of identical pages, but that's because of the theme for the race this year: Family.
I love my family, but that doesn't mean I only scrap family pages.

I think this is my last ADSR page ever, but you never know.

And Maya's page

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Challenge 14

Challenge 14 is at digitalscrapbookingstudio and is about your double. We haven't found our doubles yet but scrapped a page anyway. It's one layout, that we worked on together. Here it is ..

We are ready for the final challenge!!!!!!!!!!

maandag 9 mei 2011

Challenge 13

Challenge 13 is at GDS and is about Family, not by blood but by circumstance.

Everything has to be on the page at least twice, so I duplicated my corner cluster!

Maya's page

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Challenge 12

Challenge 12 is at SDK and is a sketch challenge about 1 family member.

so a sketch, with 7 required pictures, about 7 specific activities, a required title,
well how easy can it be. yeah for creativity!

here's my page

and Maya's page

This is challenge # 12 but it is not the end of the race apparently. Just found out we have 15 challenges this year in stead of 12. Well 3 more family pages is just what the doctor ordered, so can't wait to find out what's next!

Challenge 11

Challenge 11 is at Scrapping your memories and is a recipe challenge about a family recipe.

here's mine

and Maya's page

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 is at ScrapMatters and is another family page, another definition of what family means to you. it is 1 layout made by both racers. teamwork, no pictures allowed.

requirements, 6 lines of journaling, 3 each
1 title, defining family for both members
well our title is : this is US, can you guess who is the U and who is the S?

our page

Challenge 9

Challenge 9 is at the Guild and is about family, yeah,
Make a layout about something you inherited or have in common with a family member. Well Maya loves shopping, I hate shopping so we have a great topic, both scrapped it in a different way.

my layout

maya's layout

Challenge 8

Challenge 8 is at Sunshine Studio Scraps and is about ...... family! yeah...
Define what family means to you.
so here is mine